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SanDisk Memory Zone

Organize files and applications on your Android device in order to improve memory and functioning

Version: 4.1.15

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: © Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates.


Closely monitor the storage of your device with Sandisk Memory Zone. Although many mobile phones, computers, and mobile devices - at least those that are relatively modern - have hard drives with tons of space to store things on, Sandisk Memory Zone keeps in mind those with smaller storage capabilities, and those people that simply store tons of stuff on their devices.

Sandisk Memory Zone splits everywhere you store data into sectors, keeping you constantly informed of how much storage space you have open at all times. Whenever you edge close to any limits, Sandisk Memory Zone, brought to the world by the popular storage device manufacturer and developer Sandisk, informs you of how to get more storage from various service providers, most of which are cloud storage providers like Box, Dropbox, and Picasa.

Fortunately for you, if you ever experience any issues with data file corruption or accidental deletion - or if your device ever gets damaged, or anything else that might hurt digital information strongholds - Sandisk Memory Zone is capable of backing up your devices with the information that could possibly be valuable, of sentimental utility, and be painful to lose. Trust Sandisk Memory Zone for making data storage simple.


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